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Australia, Sydney, a Hamburg store launched 3 cute little elfin, win countless fans, re-upboom Go Pokemon game craze once again – true funny stories. These hamburgers are priced at $15. Some commenters said the elfin Hamburg has been “captured” the heart of the fans, such a lovely Hamburg is really maddening.

Sydney little elfin Hamburger - true funny stories

A pair of lovers held their “magic” wedding in Potter Harry world of magic in  Orlando, Florida – true funny stories. Harry Potter fans Leah Rice is married to her sweetheart Dax Rice, They made their wedding into a “Harry Potter” magic world. At the wedding ceremony, the owl, the magician’s hat, broom associated with […]

Harry Potter fans held a magic wedding - true funny stories

The funny “belly diving” championship held in Oslo, Norway. The player boarded the 10 meter platform, make all kinds of funny diving posture – true funny stories. A player jumped after posing Superman posture, somersaults in the diving process, and put the star position. Also a player boldly diving with the posture of lying on […]

The funny belly Diving Championships in Norway - true funny stories

True Funny Animal Stories

A young couples from Florida, the United States held a grand wedding. So cute dolphins come out of the water to make fun the American wedding!Too beautiful, good luck and happiness – true funny stories! Well, what spiritual animals, the dolphins come out to make the wedding more meaningful.

A dolphin grab the limelight at the American couple wedding - true funny stories

Who calls me? Who calls me? who??? Two fighting sheep, hit the car, still continue to fight, ha ha!  

Two fighting sheep, hit the car, still continue to fight

line up,Jump together!- true funny stories  

line up,Jump together!- true funny stories

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A cute puppy sings a sweat love song for his dearest Piggie. Background Music: "Together, We Can Do It - Piano" you know the music is happy, sad, romantic and sweet all in one.

True Funny Woman Stories

86-year-old elderly Madonna comes from Washington, in the United States – true funny stories. She is different from the general life of the elderly, walking, plant flowers in spare time, but competing in triathlon. In 1985, Madonna participated in the triathlon World Championships for the first time at the age of 55. Since then, she […]

The U.S. 86-year-old elderly took part in the triathlon, having competed 45 times in 30 years - true funny stories

Australian 8 months pregnant woman Tabitha Vincent loves Pole Dances. She says dancing pole dance can help her to remove all distractions, reducing the stress in the body from the pregnancy.

Australian 8 months pregnant woman dancing Pole Dances - true funny stories

U.S. woman Jaquie Goncher injuried in a swimming pool accident at the age of 17, and paralysed from the neck belows. But through unremitting efforts, she finally stand up at the wedding, and walk to the groom. This is really a exciting miracle – true funny stories.

An U.S. women paralyzed for 8 years and stand up at the wedding - true funny stories

True Funny Kids Stories

So many bath powder… The white smoke fart! – true funny stories

So many bath powder... The white smoke fart! - true funny stories

The true funny stories is about a 9-year-old kids who start her own exclusive newspaper in United State. Her name is Hilde Kate Lysiak, she reports all kinds of news at hometown Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania at breakneck speed. Ysiak is a 9-year-old girl, she was reading the third grade. She was seven years old in 2014 […]

America, girl, newspaper, interview