True Funny Stories

Cemre Candar comes from Cyprus, he did a crazy thing recently. Candar Cemre poured 1250 cans of chili sauce in the bathtub into, plus some scattered pepper, and then he lied into the chili sauce – true funny people stories. “It’s really painful,” said Candar Cemre, “The whole body is burning like a fire. Every […]

Crazy bath! The funny man took bath in 1250 cans of chili sauce - true funny stories

A 16-year-old British girl built the name website dedicated to chooosing English name for Chinese babies, she has earned 48000 pounds – true funny stories. BeauJessup comes from Gloucestershire, England, university preparatory students BeauJessup and the family visit China, inspiration, after returning home, she established her own websites. In China, parents like to give their […]

16-year-old British girl named for the Chinese baby to earn 48,000 pounds - true funny stories

A group of enthusiastic people play their old car (lowrider) near a church to launch in north of New Mexico, US. They are the local Lowrider player  – true funny stories. Lowrider, also translated as” low chassis car “, the car began half a century ago, when the car entered the life of the American […]

Car Dance: Lowrider on the street in US - true funny stories

True Funny Animal Stories

This is a real cat. Its name is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, a Maine cat, live in Chicago. 2006, from nose to tail length 48 inches , Leo is recognized by Guinness world records as “the world’s longest cat ” – true funny animal stories. It is not the heaviest cat in the world, it […]

Previous Guinness world record holder: the world's longest cat - Leo

U.S. man Peterson Coyote found a large number of black slugs on the beach, in southern California beach – true funny stories. He posted these slug funny photos to YouTube, which attracted the attention of many people.

A giant black slug was found on the beach in the United States - true funny stories

Recently, people in Portugal captured an video of an unknown humanoid across the desert, in the video this huge mythical creatures not only similar to the human shape also like people walking upright, when it through a bush and quickly hid – true funny stories. Some people think that this mysterious creature should be chupacabara […]

Alien? a mysterious creature of human nature appeared in Portuguese desert - true funny stories

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I really like this super make fun Valentine's songs, the video is so funny and creative.

True Funny Woman Stories

18-year-old young girl Miller Lisa proposed to the school doorman – 60-year-old Jim – Kerr last week, they have been living together now. Lisa’s proposal infuriated Jim’s 32-year-old daughter Alison, she claims to cut off the relationship between father and daughter – true funny woman stories. Lisa studied at a high school in Scotland, Jim […]

18-year-old young girl proposed to the 60-year-old doorman - true funny stories

Heidi Williams went out of the psychological shadow by practicing yoga. Heidi Williams was a assault victim, when she fell into the low life, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, and even once wanted to do Dutch act, in the crisis, yoga makes her life colorful once again. Now she not only enjoys […]

US woman show yoga's the beauty of flexibility - true funny stories

The American octuplet mother gave birth to 8 babies in 2009 years using artificial insemination, which is the only survival multiple in the history of the United States  – true funny woman stories . Today, the single mother and her children live happily together. They are enjoyable in a big family of 15 people.  

American octuplet single mother and her 14 children's daily life - true funny stories

True Funny Kids Stories

Iran less than 3-years-old boy has more than 350 thousand fans, Only because he is a body-building star – true funny kids stories. How a 3-year-old kid can dig what wave, this is probably what a lot of people think. But after reading his true funny stories, you will definitely be shocked. Arat was born […]

Iran 3-year-old boy become the body-building star - true funny stories

The world’s smallest baby Amelia was born weighing only 227 grams, the feet is only the fingernail size. Amelia was born in Germany, only 22 cm in length. She have the normal weight of the newborn until 9 months after she was born – true funny kids stories. When Amelia’s mother was pregnant for 26 […]

The world's smallest baby when she was born weighing only 227 grams, the feet as small as fingernail size - true funny stories

Today, we tell the true funny kids stories about a Britain boy, Adam Winwood, he is 13 years old now. He has some cool skills – design hair style! Although he is only 13 years old, he has been four years of related hairdressing experience. When he was 9 years old, he became interested in […]

13-years-old Hair Stylist design marvelous hair style for the brides - true funny stories