True Funny Stories

Do you remember Charlotte Olympia, funny fruit bags? haven’t seen their fruit dress? at the London Fashion Week, a few fruit bags …….. directly dressed by the models – true funny stories. Charlotte Olympia 2017 spring and summer London Fashion Week, seems to pull you to the coast of Hawaii, a soft oak white fashion […]

Charlotte Olympia 2017 spring and summer London Fashion Week beach and fruit - true funny stories

A 80-year-old couples met on the bus 60 years ago in Wales, England, and fell in love. Even they are old, the affection are still deep. The old gentleman spent a lot of money to buy the same type of bus, and relived the past time he met his wife for the first time again […]

An old Englishman bought the bus where he met his wife and relived the past - true funny stories

It rained blue “jelly” in Britain — This is a really true funny story, It’s an intriguing phenomenon…


True Funny Animal Stories

In the United States, a dog was rescued by pet rescue organizations, it lived in barn, which is full of rubbish for 6 years – true funny animal stories. The Rescue workers cut off 35 pounds weight of hair from the dog. The Rescue workers show the funny pictrues of the before and after of […]

The homeless dog was rescued, living in barn for 6 years and hair weighs 35 pounds - true funny stoires

This is a real cat. Its name is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, a Maine cat, live in Chicago. 2006, from nose to tail length 48 inches , Leo is recognized by Guinness world records as “the world’s longest cat ” – true funny animal stories. It is not the heaviest cat in the world, it […]

Previous Guinness world record holder: the world's longest cat - Leo

U.S. man Peterson Coyote found a large number of black slugs on the beach, in southern California beach – true funny stories. He posted these slug funny photos to YouTube, which attracted the attention of many people.

A giant black slug was found on the beach in the United States - true funny stories

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Encountering beautiful girls in the street, many men will not help secretly glance. Interestingly, do you know how high your rear view?True funny stories told you a funny story.  In order to know how high their rear glance, beauty Jessie & Reanin actually hid a

True Funny Woman Stories

A Russian supermodel recently took photos for the magazine, and was asked to wear the dress made of raw meat, just put on this special raw meat clothing, they spend an hour, and this is just the beginning – true funny woman stories. 5f1e3c76133b0f2fc19c65f806765c8a-jpg1l In the experience a few hours of photographic light “baking”, the […]

Russian Model wearing 25kg raw meat dress to take pictures, hardly breathe because of unpleasant odor - true funny stories

A Holland woman got married to her cat Dulake 8 years ago. But the good marriage ended, because Dulake was gone at the age of 19. Now, the woman decided to remarry, the husband is her dog Travis. She also established a website which provide special registration for the owners and pets to get married […]

A Holland woman marry to the cat, and marry to her pet dog after her husband died

Losing both arms is a very painful thing for anyone. However, she didn’t complain of depression, but more with the spirit, with optimism, positive attitude to face life and more courageous. She tell us by their actions that she can embrace the and greet all the good in life without the arms. Jessica Cox recently […]

A woman without arms can drive a plane and play the piano well, her pioneering work inspired many people

True Funny Kids Stories

Do you remember when you were young, the first day you walked into the campus, and the day when you finally left the campus after you grew up? Recently some users shared a group of funny pictures of their kids, look at these funny kids. The two days, for many people, are the meaning of […]

Parents tParents took pictures of their children going to school on the first day and on the last day - true funny stoires

In the majority of the kids‘s mind, dropping teeth means that the tooth fairy, so they will be good to wait for the teeth dropping any time. But brave five-year-old girl Addison Gibbs Lolita felt enough to wait, she determined to pull the tooth by herself – true funny kids stories! She tied a loose […]

The five-year-old kids pull the teeth with bows by herself - true funny stoires

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. A pair of parents go on vacation, their son – Naughty kids Jonathan Harchickstayed in the house – true funny kids stories. When they returned from their vacation, they were surprised to find that their house had been wrapped up with thousands of rolls of tapes by their son. The tapes are […]

The Naughty kids wrapped the whole house with thousands of rolls of tapes - true funny stories