True Funny Stories

Most couples have great ideas about romantic engagement, what kind of engagement ring is most memorable, diamond engagement ring, or jewel engagement ring … Recently, a guy’s engagement ring surprised a number of users – true funny stories. In order to marry his wife, he made a meteorite engagement ring with meteorite, the unique “engagement […]

The romantic guy made an engagement ring with meteorite by himeself | true funny stories

The Australian family drove a camping car for a trip, encountered an incredible scene. They encountered a kangaroo on the way, the curious kangaroo visited in the camping car for a while, and was fed the food. Who knows, a few days later, when they opened the door on the morning, they were shocked: a […]

An Australia Kangaroo visited the camping car satisfiedly and brought a group of Kangaroos queuing up | true funny stories

For most of the bride, the most memorable moments is the happy moments walking in the red carpet in the wedding, but for a bride in Taiwan, it is her dream to do the pull-up in the wedding dress – true funny woman stories. Doreen Fu wearing a wedding dress to do pull-ups became popular […]

The world's most powerful bride: Taiwan bride wearing a wedding dress to do pull-ups | true funny stories

True Funny Animal Stories

A group of little pig is feeding by her mother’s side in a British farm, one of the curious pig caused her mother very angry, was crashed in flying to the air – true funny animal stories. Pig mother was feeding the baby pigs when the naughty pig constantly sniffed its mother’s nose, pig mother […]

Naughty piggy was crashed in flying to the air by furious mother when it was fed - true funny stories

If you live in Los Angeles, one day you want to book a top restaurants to eat, but no position, then it is likely that your location is took away by a Cute dog – true funny animal stories. This lovely dog was a poor stray dogs, then it often pick up all kinds of […]

Losangeles stray dogs become popular, enjoy delicacies every day - true funny stories

The world’s most popular cat, “Grumpy Cat”, from Phoenix, the United States, is popular with a frown expression on the internet – true funny animal stories. However, it finally met the “rival”, a funny cat recently appeared on the internet, going the same route, the same often “black face” its name is Sauerkraut, from Oklahoma, […]

The world's most popular cat Grumpy cat, Brow locked frown expression - true funny stories

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The Film Independence Day: ResurgenceThe movie Independence Day: Resurgence --- is scheduled for a June 24, 2016! The Film Independence Day: ResurgenceThe film Independence Day 2 is  release in 2D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D The cast of Independence Day Resurgence: Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth Independence

True Funny Woman Stories

Simone Thurber live in in Park City, Utah, 43-year-old, her video of giving birth in nature 4 years ago is very popular on the web. After hearing about 52 million views, Simone said it is incredibly. The picture shows Thurber and her 4-year-old daughter Perosa’s photo – true funny woman stories. Although the idea of […]


The Russian aunt is hot on the internet, because she has a stunt – throwing knife. Garina Cowina, 64 years old, from the appearance she exudes a thick “domineering”, she was the champion of the World Flying Knife Championship, she was also invited to the special forces to throw knife – true funny woman stories. […]

Russian aunt is hot on the internet by throwing knife | true funny stories

A 27-year-old USA woman began to travel around the world from July 2015, intends to spend 15 months to travel 196 countries and regions. She hopes to break the Guinness World Records, becoming the woman travelling around the world and spent least time in the world – true funny woman stories. The woman was Cassie […]

27-year-old USA woman spent 15 months travelling 180 countries - true funny stories

True Funny Kids Stories

Bella Devyatkina, a Russian 4-year-old girl, has shown her astonishing language skills in a Russian reality show. She can speak 7 languages fluently – true funny kids stories. In addition to native Russian, Bella can speak English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. The most surprising is that Bella can really use these languages to […]

4-year-old girl Bella can speak 7 languages fluently - true funny stories

Do you remember when you were young, the first day you walked into the campus, and the day when you finally left the campus after you grew up? Recently some users shared a group of funny pictures of their kids, look at these funny kids. The two days, for many people, are the meaning of […]

Parents tParents took pictures of their children going to school on the first day and on the last day - true funny stoires

In the majority of the kids‘s mind, dropping teeth means that the tooth fairy, so they will be good to wait for the teeth dropping any time. But brave five-year-old girl Addison Gibbs Lolita felt enough to wait, she determined to pull the tooth by herself – true funny kids stories! She tied a loose […]

The five-year-old kids pull the teeth with bows by herself - true funny stoires