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A 13-year-old British boy struck by lightning of one billion volts

This is a true funny stories about a lucky boy who survived as high as 1 billion volts of lightning.
“13” has always been considered an unlucky number, just “13” seems to “come true” on the UK 13-year-old boy Conner • Laughlin. On August 13, Conner was watching British “Red Arrows” air display team, unfortunately, hit by as high as 1 billion volts of lightning, Fortunately he was only mild burns, now he is expected to recover soon. Experts exclaimed Conner’s a miracle as survivor, even more than winning the lottery lucky.
The afternoon of August 13, Connor, accompanied by his grandfather, came to Lowestoft Harbour Beach Flying Festival to see the famous British “Red Arrows” flight demonstration team. At that time the sky is raining. 13:13, a sudden flash of lightning from heaven, running down Conner’s umbrella tip and hit his body, and through his arm through to the ground. Conner collapsed to the floor, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Conner has survived only slightly injured, the right shoulder left a reddish burn marks.
Expert analysed that Connor wearing rubber shoes saved his life, played the role of insulators. British Telecom retired engineer Gelandade • Tommy believed that why lightning struck Connor was his metal umbrella tip.
Connor said with a smile he had never lucky numbers and now “13” is his lucky number.

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