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A 26-year-old woman turn into 70-year-old granny

A vietnamese 26-year-old woman turn into 70-year-old lady

A vietnamese 26-year-old woman turn into 70-year-old lady

The true stories happened in Vietnam. The Vietnamese woman is suffering from a rare skin disease, in a very short period of time, she rapidly aged, her skin wrinkled quickly, and now she is only 26 years old, but looks like a 70-years-old granny.

The disease first appeared in 2008, 23-year-old Ruan Shifang suddenly itched on the skin, severe and even difficult to sleep, she thought it might be to eat seafood cause allergies. Because she can not afford medical expenses, Ruan and her husband did not go to a regular hospital, but bought some local drug. After taking a month, to ease itching, but still the measles.

She had traditional medicines later, and measles disappeared, also completely stopped the itching. However unexpected, the Ruan facial swelling began to appear, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled, her face rapidly aged, and now looks like a old woman.

5 years ago she was a beautiful girl, not now she was so old and ugly. she said reluctantly, when she went out, she wouldcover her face with the mask. Her face, chest and abdominal skin were like an old woman who gave birth for many times, but in fact, she never gave girth a baby.

As the difficult economic conditions, Ruan has not gone to hospital for treatment of this strange disease, until October 2 this year, she was provided with free check-ups in a hospial. This rare case was initially diagnosed as mastocytosis, may be caused by long-term use of traditional Vietnam medicine, but doctors said it was also possible that a new syndrome. Ruan can not find the doctor who dispensed originally to her, not knowing what drug she had been eating. A doctor said he can help Ruan to restore 50% – 70% of the skin, and laser therapy to reduce wrinkles.

In the past few years, Ruan Shifang feel particularly bad, but fortunately her husband has been accompanied by her side, never betray. He still love his wife like before, although she looked like an old woman, Ruan said, her husband gave hercourage and confidence, so that she can face this fate.

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