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A drivers forced to resign after hiting a snowman

Some students of University of Illinois deliberately piled a huge snowman in the streets to play a trick for making a joke of drivers. A unfortunate bus driver jumped into the trap of the students because of reverse driving, accidentally hited a snowman. Soon, students upload video of the driver hiting the snowman onto Youtube and wrote a catchy title: “Crazy Drivers brutal murder snowman.” Unexpectedly, this video actually crazy online communicated, for a few days click rate exceeded 25,000. This unbearable pressure on the driver was forced to resign. Recently, the controversial video has aroused hot discussion from the social networking site Facebook, many netizens supported bus drivers. Some netizens said that from the video you can clearly hear the laughter of the students, this clearly is a prank, who is to blame there is controversy, the bus driver should not therefore lose his jobs. At present, On Facebook 800 netizens already had added into an action to recover the driver’s job.

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