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A woman who paralyzed for 23 years are suddenly able to walk

A 46-year-old American woman who paralyzed in a car accident 23 years ago, recently started to walk independently without arm, the true funny stories were called a miracle, she restore walking ability after receiving a psychiatric treatment.
Ms. Knox was knocked down by a drunk driver in 1987, the car accident resulted in paralysis below the waist, legs lost consciousness, that mean she would sit on the wheelchair all the life, and she had given up hope of walking independently.
However, in a spiritual therapy, the therapist first prayed for Ms Knox, then slowly raised her left the wheelchair, in aid of the two men, her legs began to move, people witnessed the scene of this miracle, all the people applauded for her, and even cried. She described her exciting feelings that she was just like a child who come out from the stroller, everything have changed, the old monster has become smaller in the eyes, standing in their own kitchen, walking around her house, the feeling really great.
Hundreds of thousands of users share this touching scene in the youtube website.

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