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American couple sold their house to take RV their house to travel around America with their 12 children


In order to get rid of the traditional life limit, a pair of couple sold their house in Colorado, and drove to travel around America with their 12 children; the recreational vehicle was their house, the river was their backyard. The parents educated their children in the morning, and did sports outside in the afternoon. The “simple life” that many people pursuit arouses the attention of English and American media.

This family had exercised this “simplified life” travel life last summer, through 22 states in America, experienced the outer sports in two months, and nearly took part in every kayak competition. The husband,Dan. Kaylog said,” After we went back home, everyone was a little disappoint.” Then, they made a crazy decision: sold their house with 11 years history got rid of the load of house and car, bought a recreational vehicle, and started the travel around America. This is the choice that many people retired to choose, but Log couple still take 12 children together, the number is enough to make a football team: the youngest one in 12 children was only 3 months old, the oldest one was already 19 years old.


Even though last November, the family added the new member Kobe, this pair of couple was without any hesitation, gave up the comfortable house, and started their travel with expectation and hope. The wife, Susi said,” Are we crazy? Maybe it is a little.”

The development of technology makes pioneering lifestyle to be possible: Dan did not need the office, and he could continue his software engineer work. Several years before, Kaylog couple has adopted the internet to educate their children in the family, “study at home” lets the couple can take the children outside to reach the nature at any time, and do the water sports especially the kayak sport. The second old child Gerdy with 16 years old and the third old child Blody with15 years old have got the ranking in the juvenile competition of Kayak world cup last year.

Among the 12 children, only the oldest child their daughter Kayly with 19 years old did not study at home, Kayly did not accept the lifestyle of the parent in the beginning, “I thought it was abnormal and strange to live in the recreational vehicle.” Nevertheless, later Kayly also took part in the “simple life” of the parent. Kaylog couple considered that, “We did not force the children, and we just helped them.” This was one life course about “abandon and acquire”. Every child picked up the good toys and other things, and took out two favorite belongs, and others were sold or abandoned. Dan thought, it was very interesting, “You will find too many things are out of ourselves, and we simplify the life, this is liberation.”

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