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American old woman with 68 years old dreams to be the firewoman

American old woman with 68 years old, Andery Pedeson in Vermont Hartford, depending on her irony willing, through all kinds of body test, becomes one firewoman. The”firewoman dream” of Andery pedeson starts in her childhood. Andery recalls, when she was young, her home caught fire once, luckily the firefighter arrived in time, and helped her out from the fire spot. Just the moment the firefighter brought her out from the fire, Andery started to dream to be a firewoman.

Andery memorizes, “When I told my family that I wanted to a firewoman, they were all laughing. I had ever been the ballet actor, model, airline stewardess, pharmaceutist, but these jobs couldn’t let me feel strong all the time. I had waited for all my life, but still felt that I had not let my dream come true.”

6 years before, when Andery’s husband accompanying her for 31 years passed away, Andery finally made the decision, let her own dream of being a firewoman come true. Soon, Andery got the firefighter qualification, and started to work in the emergency center, to be one emergency phone operator.

Later, Andery entered one firefighter training class, and studied all kinds of fire fighting skills with the guys who are tens of years younger than her. Andery kept on finishing the entire fire-fighting course. Besides, depending on the irony willing, she exercised the muscle with 4.5 kilogram enough, making herself to reach the standard of being a firewoman no matter in technique or in body. Finally in 2011, Andery with 66 years old together with a group of guys with more than 20 years old passed through all kinds of body test, becoming the official fire woman.

Right now, Andery went to work for two days in one week, and took charge of fire fighting as well as rescuing the patient whose heart stopped, answering hundreds of fire alarms.

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