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Another voice in Valentine’s Day: “Anti-valentine Day” becomes new fashion

On Feb.14th, roses, and chocolates, in this day, were all around the city. The lovers racked their brains to toss. The origin purpose of this festival was only to express the love feeling, while it lost the flavor little by little, becoming the “hotbed” of being luxurious and comparing unrealistically.

When the lovers caught the time to buy the film tickets and order the restaurant, one movement of “Anti-valentine Day” appeared. There was one “Anti-valentine Day” trend appearing globally. The net citizens in the eastern and western countries were angry to the Valentine’s Day greatly, and set the groups for anti-valentine Day specially online coincidently. Some governments and businesspersons also participated to the groups, calling the people to give up the Valentine’s Day, even inhibiting to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If “Anti-valentine Day” was only popular around a few people before, and this year more and more people accepted the topic. The series postcard of “Anti-valentine Day” promoted by American postcard group these years got the wonderful sales. Sending out the “anti-valentine day” postcard before Valentine’s Day has already expressed the single person’s attitude, but it was not just speaking for the Valentine’s Day without lover. Many entertainment places in America promoted the single party on the Valentine’s Day; letting the single persons that felt upset about which the businesspersons only care about the lovers in Valentine’s Day, have the places to play. The western countries such as France, Italy etc called Single Day as “Single person caring Day”. The day that the same as Valentine’s Day Feb.14th, before or after the day, was also called “Anti-valentine Day”, similar to “Single’s Day”. Some single persons without boyfriends or girlfriends got together to talk about the advantages of being single and the troubles of falling in love etc. Many businesspersons also caught the market, and entered the “Anti-valentine Day” without lovers one by one.

To get rid of the shade of celebrating Valentine’s Day activities, the single persons in Italy called the day Feb.15th as “Single Day”, celebrated the single life and demanded to improve the single’s position, letting the society to care about the discriminated problems and prejudices the single persons face. On the day, the single association also would select out one “annual single person”.

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