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Black couples gave birth to a white son

Black couples gave birth a white son

A black mother recently gave birth to a baby with white skin, blond hair in Leicestershire, central England. It sounds funny but true story. The couples comes from Africa. They said the baby inherited the nose and lips of parents and recognized as their own children. Their first son has obvious black features. However, when the father looked at second son for the first time, he was very shocked. Because the newly born baby is covered in white.

According to reports, the baby showing the white features is mainly the result of gene mutation. Even a half-breed will also present the “hybrid” characteristics, such as hair should be black, not gold. It is said that the mother’s family have appeared in this case, six generations ago, her family even gave birth to the blond baby, the specific situation is difficult to trace.

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  1. Stanislas Says:

    I wonder what color the skin was from the very first people?

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