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British bred the most spicy chili

The world’s most chili Naga Viper was bred in a greenhouse of Cumbria, United Kingdom, its spiciness can make people burst into tears, burning throat, runny nose and so on.
Experts state Naga Viper is the world’s hottest chili, Naga Viper was also topped the Guinness world record list.
Many customers are trying to enjoy the food cooked with Naga Viper chili, but only two finished.
Chili pepper growers often sell the pepper as curry spices that can make your tongue blistering. Recently a lot of chili pepper growers were interested in the seed of Naga Viper.
A Pepper business man said this chili is very painful to eat. your tongue will be numb, and you will feel like burning, until after the swallow. This feeling will last about an hour, you do not want speak to any people, or want to do anything. But this ‘hormone outbreak’ very magical, makes you feel great.

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  1. Michelle Ting Says:

    Where can i find this Naga Chilli in Malaysia ?

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