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British triplets sisters give birth to boy infant almost at the same time

The true funny stories tell you the miracle of triplets. The British triplet sisters not only grew up together from childhood,  all pregnant in two weeks, and has children at the same time,  all give birth to boy infants.

Calladine triplets sisters grew up in the the Isle of Man between England and Ireland, when they are the first triplets over 25 years in the local. They are very close since childhood, when they were 4 years old, their family moved to Australia. They also lived very close after marriage, just 10 minutes, and vowed never to move out of the other two.

They found themselves pregnant with a baby almost at the same time, to stay the same hospital ward in Sydney, all gave birth to a lovely baby boy.

The triplet sisters aesthetic taste is also very simiar. they bought a very similar clothing for their baby without any mutual consultation.

Their father Rob said, they even send the same Christmas card to us, but they never actually discussed about it, but they buy exactly the same.

The three sisters said that they often underestimate the connectivity between each other’s mind, because people often tell similar. Thus, the three sisters decided to have a different hairstyle and hair color from the high school on for others to distinguish. However, sometimes their husbands still absurd. If all three sisters covered up their hair, then people will also confuse.

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