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Maglev potted bonsai floating in the air | True Funny Stories
Maglev potted bonsai floating in the air

Japanese team Hoshinshu has a whim, why not make bonsai float in the air, Science fiction in film turn into True Funny Stories. Maglev potted bonsai is currently fundraising on the platform Kickstarter. Maglev potted bonsai include the upper part “little star” on which place plants, and “energy base” ,make use of the principle of […]

The world's top 10 most expensive diamonds
The world’s top 10 most expensive diamonds

diamonds, sparkling, dazzling brilliance, is a symbol of beauty, True funny stories think diamond is also loyal representative. The top 10 most expensive diamonds in the world, let us feel their gorgeous atmosphere. Koh-I-Noor, priceless   The Moussaieff Red Diamond, $7,000,000   The Heart of Eternity, $16,000,000   Wittelsbach Diamond, $16,400,000   The Steinmetz Pink, […]

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Turkey chefs made the world’s largest Omelette with 100,000 eggs to celebrate World Egg Day

The world’s largest omelette was made by the Turkish chefs, it a total cost 100,000 eggs weighing up to 4.4 tons. True Funny Stories never understand why so many people are keen to create a large component of the food all over the world to break the Guinness World Records, maybe to participate the funny […]

The world’s most expensive bread: Glittering Bread Using Gold Dust

A Spain bakery in the small Spanish village of Algatocin, made the the expensive golden bread cost $150. The bread is made of Whole wheat flour, Spelt bread and water, but with a little edible gold dust, the world’s most expensive bread attracted wealthy around the world scrambling to come buy. This is really True […]

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Russia’s “Golden House” with gold-plated toilet is for sale

The Golden House with gold-plated toilet is for sale at this public in the center of Magadan, Magadan Oblast, Russia. A four-story apartment building located in the second layer, called “Golden House” because this apartment walls, furniture and even the toilets are gold-plated, While its price was only 6.5 million rubles.

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Funny accessories challenge the traditional accessories trends

leg chain leg chain designed by Broolyn’s jewelry designer Lizz Jardim Facial decoration nose ring 2015 winter Givenchy runway, designer Riccardo tisci designed many exaggerated facial pendants, and strong detail nose rings, and these Victorian style jewelry challenge everyone’s visual nerves.     Ornate headdress In addition to Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana 2015 autumn and […]

The senior watches present beauty of architectural art, classic city picture ornament make it more wit and humour

Look at these watch, the funny and classic city picture on it make you feel close to the building. London Harold: London Harold micro painted enamel Watch Triumphal Arch: Triumphal Arch micro painted enamel Watch New York: Count Limelight Paris-New York series Watch Amiens Cathedral: BLANCPAIN WOMEN series Rome Arena: Perfect series Watch

iPad stand

This iPad stand has two stuck slots, I like this unpopular iPad stand truly, because the current record of transactions is zero.