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So many bath powder... The white smoke fart! - true funny stories
So many bath powder… The white smoke fart!

So many bath powder… The white smoke fart! – true funny stories

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American 9-year-old girl start her own exclusive newspaper

The true funny stories is about a 9-year-old kids who start her own exclusive newspaper in United State. Her name is Hilde Kate Lysiak, she reports all kinds of news at hometown Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania at breakneck speed. Ysiak is a 9-year-old girl, she was reading the third grade. She was seven years old in 2014 […]

The world's fattest baby!
The world’s fattest baby! 10-month-old baby weighing 20 kilograms!

10-month-old baby weighing just 20 kilograms! The true funny baby stoires happen in India, the baby is called the world’s fattest babies! The obese Indian baby Aliya Saleem, his weight is equivalent to a 5-years-old kid.  

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Australian 2-year-old girl living a luxurious life like a princess

Each girl has a princess dream, The true funny stories of Australian 2-year-old girl Pixie Rose Curtis show us the princess dream come true. The little “princess” is the daughter of Sydney Queen PR Roxy Jacenko. Roxy Jacenko recently exposed large photos of luxurious life on social media to attract the public eye, to get […]

US 10-year-old girl was attacked by a shark in the sea, but she return bravely to save her small partner

A 10-year-old little girl swimmed at the beach in Florida when she was attacked by a shark, the little girl found her small partners are still at sea after landing, she bravely jumped into the sea again, helping small partner out of danger. Local police said the the girl was bitten on right leg below […]

12-year-old girl caught 616 pounds giant tuna

Jenna Gavin is a 12-year-old girl who comes from Nova Scotia, Canadian. Recently, she accomplished a real feat: she used two hours to catch a bluefin tuna weighing 616 pounds, which created a new world record. Her mother gave them a iPad as a reward.

Funny before and after photos – the little boy go to school

Recently, the social networking site Reddit, an usere named “redditismybible” shared a funny before and after photos of a little boy going to school. In the picture, the little boy full of beans, with a smile, it was filmed on the way to kindergarten, while in another picture, the little boy was quiet and stupid, […]