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China’s Shenzhen Bay appear rare waterspout

On July 27 morning, china Shenzhen Bay sea appeared rare waterspout, The true funny natural phenomenon lasted about 17 minutes. Waterspouts occur in summer, when the sea or lake in some areas a relatively strong convective activity, and to be formed.
Around 8:30 am, in Shenzhen, south-west lightning Showers disease down, this time the weather radar display the Shenzhen Bay had the vigorous development of convective clouds, and slowly moving northeast, Shenzhen’s Nanshan, Futian took place heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. At about 8:50, the Shenzhen Bay sea cloudy, dark mass of the cloud started to form “trunk” down, stretch out three different sizes of “trunk”, soon the weakest was ” eat ” by the strong one, and this one growing more and more strong until up to the surface, although another small one, but also reach ” ground “and then quickly disappear, the last most strong one, lasted about 17 minutes, around 9:01 reach to the strongest, followed by starting “drain” from the top, fracture, weakened soon tornado disappeared after 9:07.

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