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Croatia “broken heart museum”: store heartbreak love items

Losting love is always sentimental. The items related to former lover, always remind people of the bitter memories. But sometimes people are not willing to put them away.
True funny stories heard, in Croatia, the lovelorn people are no longer troubled, for the world’s first memory museum was set up to collect the memory of broken heart , the museums is very popular. These items carry some memories seems ordinary, some strange, some funny, others sad or strange.
Exhibits of different themes were on display in different rooms. Each exhibits are marked on the duration of this love, the place and the donor’s instructions.
There is a prosthetic leg exhibits, it witnessed the love of a soldier disabled by the war and a social worker. the description wrote, “The life of this prosthetic leg is longer than our love, it uses a more rigid material.”
Other exhibits, for example,  the ax which help the former girlfriend to repair furniture, red wig from New York and garter belt from Sarajevo. Donors wrote sadly: “I’ve never used these things, if I did, maybe we love will last.”

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