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“Darth Vader” robbed a bank

A true funny stories about bank robbery is popular on internet recently.
A bizarre bank robbery happened on July 22 in New York. The suspect actually dressed up as famous “Darth Vader” in science fiction film “Star Wars” with a gun and robbed a large amounts of cash.
The Witnesses said the suspects were well built and at least 1.82 meters. He wore a “black warrior” signature black helmet, wearing a long blue cloak, under the camouflage pants, walks into a bank branch, then the bank’s customers and staff thought he is a maverick people who want to attract eyeballs. However, this “black warrior” does not use the sword, but raised the pistol. The man walked near the counter, pulled a genuine from the waist gun, toward the counter staff shouted to the staff he didn’t make fun and put the money out.
The police officer said at least one customer thought it might be a fun, not a real robbery. Bank surveillance video shows that a customer try to make fun of “black knight”, but the suspect then drew out a gun and force him to the floor. Succeed, the suspect carried a lot of cash and walked out of the bank.

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