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Dutch man made a full-size Noah’s Ark

Dutch man made a full-size Noah's Ark Dutch funny man John has made a true version of Noah’s Ark in accordance with the Bible, according to the plan, Noah’s Ark will begin the maiden voyage in 2012 London Olympics in the Thames, at that time, the Ark will be filled with a variety of animals as the Bible wrote.

The true version of Noah’s Ark is 150 meters long and 25 meters wide, John said he hopes to awaken people’s memory of Noah’s Ark story, and bring inspiration to the children.

John has spent 1 million pounds, connected 25 steel barges together to form the base, two large conference rooms can accommodate 1,500 people. They used the Sweden pine wood on the Ark, animal models are under the deck, including machine lion, real animal on the second floor, birds are placed in the third floor, they can fly freely. John and his wife also occupy a place on board. Before the maiden voyage, the Ark will be open in July this year to meet the tourists to visit.

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