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Eating super big hamburger win 200 pounds

Eating super big hamburger win 200 pounds

Today I tell you another true funny stories. Recently a restaurant called “Over De Flames” located in Norwich, UK, unveiled a giant hamburger: 30 cm in diameter of slice of bread, raw materials used up 3.5 kg beef patties, 40 slices of cheese, 2 whole onions, three tomatoes and a lot of mayonnaise. Such a hamburger heat reached a staggering 13,000 calories, the equivalent of a week of adult caloric intake.

It is said there is a another hamburger shop “Oscar”s Diner” in UK, which had recently also launched a known as” the UK’s largest “giant hamburgers, weight 1.13 kg, about 28 cm high, about 4200 calories.

But all other burgers dwarfed bu the “Over De Flames.” The restaurant owner Sudeep De said that he made this burger was to make people remember his restaurant, he and his wife, two children and her wife’s parents eat together, even failed to finish such a hamburger. If any diners can finish eating the super big hamburger in 2 hours, and fries and milkshakes, he would not only be removed from £ 30 for meals, would also win an award of 200 pounds.

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  1. big mouth Says:

    so big hamburger, I can try, but maybe it is are expired. 🙂

  2. flu man Says:

    200 pounds? Why not let me know earlier?

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