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Escape out of the mouth of shark

The photographer Chris Fallows recently witnessed a lucky seal “eascaped out of shark‘s mouth” in South Africa, and filmed the true funny process.
The great white shark attack a small seal for two times, eventually the small seal eascaped out of the mouth of the shark luckily. The struggle last four minutes. In first attack, the shark bited the right thigh of the seal, however, this attack isn’t fatal. Seals then dodged, dived and jumped to avoid such attack, dealing with the sharks. The shark then set out second attack, this time the seal take a surprising action, the brave seal took terrible tooth of shark as a springboard and eascaped once again. Finally the shark is tired , the luckt seal fleed to seal island.
The funny stories happened at seal island in Cape Town, South Africa. Chris said he was surprised to see such a survived scene, under shark’s attack the escape probability of seal is about 50%.

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