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Fourteen years old American boy becomes the cooking wonder child


Recently there is one cooking wonder child with 14 years old in America; he is not only operating one restaurant successfully, but also invited to be the main chef by the famous restaurant. While the origin of these unique achievements, comes from “the terrible dishes from his mother!”

It is said that, the young great chef, is not only operating the restaurant supplying 18 dishes, but also invited by the famous restaurant “Bierbeisl” in Beverly Hills, leading his team to make 12 dishes for 40 honored guests; and the seats with the charge USD 160 for one person have already sold out. The “ wonder child” said, the motive for all these honored achievements, is just because of that “ he could not bear the terrible dishes from his mother!”

It is reported that, this little wonder chef, called Forland, from San Fernando Valley in America, he starts to “ be independent” since he was 11 years old for he could not bear his mother’s dishes. He said,” My mom does not like to cook, and her dishes can not attract anyone, so I try to cook by myself at last, and then I feel crazy about cooking.” Forland means, in the beginning he searches for the dishes from internet and bookstores, and he becomes more creative and self-confident by trying nonstop,” I told myself, I surely could create the delicious dishes!”

Moreover, Forland’s mother is not angry about her son’s “offside” behavior, and she even supports her son from buying the dishes book and decorating the personal special kitchen by giving the money and labor. Right now, except operating their own restaurant “Pop-up”, Forland family will held one dinner party every month, all these are linked to the mother’s effort; she makes fun to describe herself as “ the kitchen CEO and the dish washer”.

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