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Funny idea: How does the U.S. men make fun of his ex-wife’s wedding dress

This is a true story, I am not sure is it a “funny” story…, my dear reader, maybe you remember I reported a story “the us man made a joke of ex-wife’s wedding dress“.

For some guys, divorce is a relief, for some other guys, may be divorce is deeply painful…  You can understand as a husband, when he saw an empty house, when everything was wrong, his life seemed to be a wasteland, and then…, the husband found his ex-wife’s wedding…, what will happen?  Look…


(picture via myexwifesweddingdress.com)

Do you think the husband will have mixed feelings? It seems pretty, right?  Yes, an American man build a site to share his funny ideas about 101 uses of his ex-wife’s wedding dress on the very creative way with the title “My ex-wife’s wedding dress” in the network. Also He has write books and selling the story and ideas and photo on the amazon.com, you can search “101 uses for my ex-wife’s wedding dress” on amazon.com, you will find many guy purchased his hook.

The man named Kevin Cotter, from Tucson, southern Arizona, USA, the amazing guy knows all about turning lemons into lemonade, He and his wife have been lived together for 12 years, also he is the father of two children. In 2009, his wife divorced him, then he found her wedding dress in the closet after she left, the husband did not know how to deal with the wedding dress…., then the story started: he tried the various attempts, for example: wiped shoes with a piece of white wedding dress, washing dishes, make banner, made scarecrow to frighten birds, or even pull out as the dental floss. During the time he would try to took all kinds of pictures, for example:


(picture via myexwifesweddingdress.com)

Cotter said he was very contradictory in doing these. It isn’t to vent his hatred to publish “My ex-wife’s wedding dress”, but to relax, make fun of, and without any malice, just want to help himself in low tide of marriage. He declined to expose his ex-wife’s name, but he would tell his ex-wife. He said, he shot many funny photos, he hope people who have the same experience would understand him, these moves for me is a healing medicine. he wanted his ex-wife to see the positive side of the prank.

So, I am not sure it is a funny true story, we only share true funny stories with our dear readers, so if you hope another luck funny wedding story, maybe you can read this one a grand dream wedding: British bride Rebekah Markham wearing 127 pounds of giant wedding dress

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