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German 69-year-old woman live a barter life for 15 years without a single cent

People usually think they could do nothing without money in modern society, 69-year-old German woman Mary Hyde has not spent a cent in 15 years. Although she were poor, but she live free, she was ready to continue wandering.

In the late 1960s, Hyde went to South America, and lived for a year in Chile, she recalled, she first experienced of extreme poverty there.  after she returned to Germany, she married and gave birth to two children. Since the divorce, she moved to the western city Dortmund of Germany in 1982, and then opened a psychotherapy clinic. She explained, at that time she want to know what humans were thinking, she wanted to do more things in this world.

She built a barter website for the poor in 1994, some poor old man and young students often call. Hyde sat at home and completed all of barter transactions, and soon she found she can change almost all the required items without a penny. Since 1996, she launched a bold 12-month barter experiment, and living an ancient way of life without a penny.

She quit her job, moved out of the rental house, gave up all his possessions, sold off the bank account, eliminating health insurance, began her barter life. For her behavior, her daughter was not only surprised, and even friends are puzzled.

However Hyde has her own way and stuck with it. She wrote the manuscript about her own unique experience, and obtained a large amount of royalties from the publisher. But she gave away all the royalties to all passers. Since then, she was frequently on TV, attend seminars, even the director filmed her true funny stories.

Hyde now dwelling in northern Germany, hard to write the third manuscript. She is responsible for mowing the lawn and clean out the trash for the landlord every day in return. She donated all of the pension to the acquaintance. Hyde also found a food store, they gave her abandoned free food, a friend gave some vegetables which they planted by themselves to her. Occasionally, she also went to work in the restaurant in exchange for food.

Today Hyde are almost penniless, but she said, she love the barter life, because she never know what will happen tomorrow.
She said she almost can not remember the last time who used money. she benefited for Barter life. Hyde said, she discarded money to live a better quality life, and would therefore have the inherent wealth and freedom. In another two months, she would bring her small suitcase  to the next unknown destination.


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