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Global strange restaurant ranking with six restaurants in Taiwan


In Taiwan catering, there is more than 70% take-out population, and the big business chance leads to the catering market with fierce competition. The entrepreneurs put out the creation nonstop, forming all types of flourish original foods. This not only attracts the local consumers, but the emcee in TLC travel life channel, Bob Blumer also arrives from Los Angeles, to visit the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei at the first station. You can have dinner by sitting on the toilet, and even the tableware is toilet. Bob surprises when he sees that everyone is eating with relish,” It is really crazy!” But he really can’t imagine that toilet food is so delicious, and he even wants to move the toilet restaurant back to Los Angeles!

In the global strange restaurant channel, we can select more than 50 global tasty strange restaurants with various characters from America, Canada, Japan, Taiwan district, Germany, Amsterdam, and Czech, England etc., including Japanese pub that beer is delivered by Monkey, New York restaurant that is with naked eating, and even the Czech restaurant that soaking in the beer pool. Among them, there are 6 restaurants from Taiwai district, except the toilet restaurant, plane restaurant, Bob also visit the nurse restaurant with pretty nurse to diagnose and give the medicine, the carton restaurant that carton can be the tables and chairs, as well as the sack opera restaurant that you can experience Taiwan traditional Chinese opera culture deeply.

In the sack opera restaurant, he neglects the mothers’ suggestions for concentrating to eat, here you can have dinner by watching the film, even you can go on the stage for playing with the opera, it is happy to eat by playing without limit! To A380 air kitchen restaurant, Bob thinks the greatest is, you can enjoy the nice service like sitting on the plane first-class cabins only by giving several hundred dollars, and it is sure that you will not meet the turbulence, changing the bad experience that he feels about the plane dinner! But his unforgettable thing is Taiwan pentagon boat deck, the peculiar sculpture architecture created by the female designer, just like Spain honored architecture standing in Taipei, in the restaurant is the traditional Taiwan dishes, he says,” I have never tasted these dishes, but they are really delicious!”

Bob feels deeply impressed by Taiwan foods with nonstop originality and vitality in this travel, he says, “Many people think such kinds of topic restaurants may appear in a short time, but I do not think so.” He takes the toilet restaurant as the example and says, “ You may think it is ridiculous to take the mini toilet as the plate, but these restaurants are not only operated by chain-like, but also will change along with the trends, mastering the factors which are welcome by the people.”


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