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How to get a girl back

How to get a girl backHow to get a girl back, the true funnys stories maybe give you some inspiration.

Joe Page come from southern England, Brighton. He was found flirting ambiguously with another girl on Facebook, and driven out of the apartment by his girlfriend.

Joe decided to use the most open way to apologize to his girlfriend, he hung confession cards walking in the street, on which he told everyone he had cheated on his girlfriend, hoped to get his girlfriend’s forgiveness.

Confession card reads:

“I cheated on my girlfriend. I am humiliating myself to show I am sorry.”

The pedestrian in the street had different views, most of women laughed at him, while men pretended not to see. Of course, some people think it was very romantic.

Later, Joe’s girlfriend agreed to meet him. When she saw the confession cards with Joe, and quickly took it down, and agreed to give him another chance. Joe believes that one day his girlfriend will be fully forgive him.

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  1. dgdogdsl Says:

    I think his girlfriend should give him a chance.

  2. smart idea Says:

    good idea! why not try!

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