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India’s centenarians run marathon

India's centenarians run marathon

India's centenarians run marathon

The UK Centenarians Lugu Singh said his longevity tip was: thankful, carefree. Lugu Singh is Indian immigrants. The organizers of the Edinburgh Marathon has issued the first 2012 players card, the oldest player of the marathon runner is Singh.

Singh was born on April 1, 1911. He began to participate in the marathon until he was 89 years old. Singh said, when he was younger, he was a farmer in the Indian, worry about living all day, no time to exercise.

When he was 50 years old, Singh emigrate to Britain. Life changed better, he started to do some charity work, he think he should do something for those poor people, they always remind him of past self. Grateful, carefree, which is perhaps the secret of his longevity.

When he was 89 years old, Singh met a bunch of people running a marathon, although the family advised him not to engage in such a high intensity exercise, but he thought the sport was very suitable.

In 2003, Singh, spent 5 hours and 40 minutes to complete the Toronto Marathon, created the fastest marathon record of over the age of 90. In addition, Singh also participated in the 5th London Marathon and a New York City Marathon.

Singh will not finish the full 42.195 km marathon in Edinburgh in May next year, But Guinness organization still said, as long as Singh finished 1 / 4 Marathon, they would announce that Singh was the first centenarian who complete the marathon.

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