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IQ of 11-year-old British girl higher than Einstein’s

IQ of 11-year-old British girl higher than Einstein's

This is a true funny stories about IQ. The average IQ of ordinary people is 100. British 11-year-old girl Victoria Cowie, has up to 162 IQ, much higher than the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

Cowie’s IQ test scores is as high as 162. World-renowned high IQ group organization “Mensa” club recruit her as a member. In the world, only an IQ of 148 or more, equivalent to 2% of the total population of the smartest people are eligible to become members of Mensa. Cowie, an only child, she is an ordinary girl in daily life, she like swimming and playing the recorder, the piano, cello and saxophone.

Alison said Victoria is a very smart girl, and very hard, but not only focusing instead on learning. She enjoys theater, music and sometimes play football.

Cowie has not told her friends the IQ test scores. She claims to be no different with other children. She said she really like science and enjoy doing experiments, but like sports, dancing and playing musical instruments … … she like the strong creative activities. Cowie said, her favorite thing was biology, she love animals, want to be a veterinarian when she grew up. She wasn’t afraid to see blood.

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2 Responses to “IQ of 11-year-old British girl higher than Einstein’s”
  1. bethy Says:

    yeah i believe it alright! i am 11 and i have an IQ of 166!

  2. Santiago Near Says:

    the famous scientist that i reall like is Albert Einstein because he has the greatest mind.*

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