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Japanese female spent the weird Valentine’s Day


On Feb.14th, western traditional Valentine’s Day, Japanese female instead of the western tradition, purchased the gift of chocolate actively, and gave the male friends including colleagues, sweethearts or lovers as a present.

Some Japanese females did not select the traditional chocolate gift to give the male as a present this year, but made the “face” chocolate according to their own face model by 3D printer. Japanese printer sales company “KS Design Lab” promoted one activity in Tokyo, and made the chocolate portrait similar to you by 3D printer as a Valentine’s Day present. 15 females took part in this activity, and made their own “portrait” in two days.

The activity charges are 6000 yen, a little expensive, but there are still more than 50 persons applying. The sponsor used the high performance 3D scanner, which can scan the body in 6 seconds, and made the head stereoscopic picture on the computer. After 1 week, the 3D printer will print the plastic model taking medical silicone as the material, and fill it by the chocolate.
The chocolate portrait with the diameter about 3 cm is very exquisite, even the teeth shapes are very clear. The company staff said, “I am afraid to let my husband to see me such like this.” This company will hold the activity again later.

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