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Kitten and chicken become good friends

Kitten and chicken become good friends

Kitten and chicken become good friends

People have always thought that cats and birds are natural enemies. However, Russian girl Maria’s true funny stories told us different fact, her pet cat becomes became close friends with her pet chicken, they eat, sleep and play together, never separated just a moment.

Maria’s father said Maria adopted the only homeless kittens not long ago, they worried that the cat can not get on well with her pet chicken in harmonious coexistence, but surprisingly, they immediately became good friends.

Maria are very happy to find the kitten and chicken become good friends, Maria’s father said.

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  1. Can a Chicken and a Kitten Actually Become Friends? | Funny Animals Says:

    […] Can a chicken and a kitten be friends? If so, will it develop as they grow together and become adults? Yes, it is possible. A kitten doesn’t have the instinct of hunting to get food yet. The two animals don’t realize that they are natural enemies. If they grow up together, they will never become enemies. The cat will take care of the chicken. In this case, where Maria, a young girl from Russia has a pet chicken and a pet kitten, they get along very well. The kitten and chick do everything together. Maria had the chicken before she took in the homeless kitten. There was some worry’s about how the two would interact. Maria is delighted that the two hit it off and are doing well. They should grow up and always be friends. […]

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