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Lady Gaga wearing meat dress

“True funny stories” saw the funny news of meat dress of Lady Gaga on internet, share with you.
In the 27th MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles Nokia Theater, Lady GaGa won eight awards, including best female artist, best music video, become the biggest winner that night. the day, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, make everyone surprise! Lady Gaga really is the  leader in fashion industry. How many fashion ones dare to wear meat dress? Lady Gaga did it, fortunately, Lady Gaga’meat dress looks quite harmonious wearing on her.
But a vegetarian said he does not understand why Lady Gaga dressed as a piece of meat, Lady Gaga also went to respond, she did not want to demonstrators to vegetarians, and then Lady Gaga gave second explanation that her dress just said that she was not “a piece of meat.”

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  1. acai slim Says:

    Hello i like Lady Gaga so much her music video Monster is really nice

  2. Lady Gaga Says:

    Howdy i like Lady Gaga very much her music video Just Dance is really nice

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