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netizen favorable fishing way “noodling”

“noodling” this is a kind of dangerous unarmed fishing way, the fisher make his arm as bait to” fish, ” the activity recently attracted many favorable fans on the internet.
Stimulation and danger make the original fishing recreation to new heights. “fisher” put his arm out into the underwater cave of catfish, when catfish swallowed “arm bait”, they firmly grasp the fish gills and struggled with the fish, and finally catch it ashore.
This is an extremely dangerous activity, the arm of fisher are usually apt to be injured, some even fatal, so this fishing method has be banned in many states of the United States.
As early as 90 years in the 20th century, “noodling” has emerged. Recently, with pictures and videos of noodling spread rapidly on the Internet, this activity began to rage around the world.

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