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New ice cream – breast milk ice cream Baby Gaga

New ice cream - Baby Gaga

True funny stories introduce a new ice cream invented by an ice cream store in London – breast milk ice cream “Baby Gaga,” which is made from fresh human milk. yes, don’t surprised, some mother donated the milk,  not cow. Some people who have tasted sang high praise for breast milk ice cream Baby Gaga.

This called “ice cream advocates” store is located in Covent Garden in London, Each of Baby Gaga is sold at £ 14. “Baby Gaga” of milk is come from 15 British mothers. They regularly provide fresh milk, and receive some reward.

In ice cream production process, the first pasteurized milk, and then coupled with Madagascar vanilla pod, lemon peel and seasoning, to ensure that the taste of ice cream.The boss O’Connor said, this ice cream was very healthy and he believes that Baby Gaga will succeed. The employees of the store even posed as Lady Gaga to attract customers.

Some people who encourage breastfeeding support breast milk ice cream, some other users said they feel sick about breast milk ice cream.

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  1. rerieye Says:

    I can not tolerate such foods, I would not try this ice cream for ever!

  2. haha Says:

    excellent idea!

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