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One man traveled 201 countries in 4 years


English “risky king”, Gream Hues with 33 years old, spent 4 years to travel around the world without taking the plane, visiting 201 countries in total. During this time, he lost his job, lost his girlfriend and entered the jails for two times. He started his journey the day of New Year in 2009, and took the non-air traffic tools such as bus, train, etc. to travel. The whole journey starting from Uruguay, was ended on 26th, Nov., 2012, in the place namely the youngest country in the world Sudan.

One of American “national geography” channel shooting groups followed Gream’s journey, and made a series to the audience. Meanwhile, Gream raised the donation to the charity organization by traveling. In the journey, he tried to save, with the average total charges for USD100 weekly. It is normal to take a ride by the bus and ship. However, he usually took the ride by the goods ship on the sea, sometimes by the postal ship. After the long journey with 250,000 kilometers for 1426 days, he finally completed the task for “travel around the world without taking the plane”. English media reported, Gesney had ever confirmed that, he was the person of “visiting the most countries in one year by taking the land traffic tools”.

Gream said, “The places I arrived really difficultly are Nauru, Maldives, and Seychelles etc place, sometimes I will face the pirate’s threat.”

When asked him why he wanted to do so, Gream told the media, when he arrived to the destination, capital of Sudan, Zuba, “I like travelling. The reason I want to do so is that I want to check whether one person can travel by a little money.” Besides, he said he also wanted to express that, the world is not the huge and fearful place, for there are many helpful people everywhere.

He said, after finishing the journey, what he wanted to express is the grateful feeling, gratitude to the person that helped him, no matter taking a ride for him on the road, inviting him to the family for a rest passionately, or the one pointing the direction for him, he is very thankful. He said, after having a rest for a while, he will start to search other “journey”, including continuing the filmmaking career.

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