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Parrot learning to speak expose Boyfriend’s betrayal

Talking parrots isn’t rare, but some parrots can help the owner find the secret. A British girl Rachel raised an African gray parrot Harvey, but recently Harvey are always shouting at another lady’s name in front of Rachel, Finally, Rachel found out the other women’s intervening, the boyfriend was kicked out of the house by her.
The true funny stories happen in Aohai Mu, United Kingdom. Rachel lay in the arms of her boyfriend when 6-year-old pet Parrot suddenly started calling: “Oh, Claire, Claire,” while she surprised, Harvey blurted out the words, “I love you, Claire.” Rachel finally understood as his boyfriend has a female colleagues named Claire the insurance company. The boyfriend admitted he did has an affair with the other woman. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Harvey was sent away too, because it constantly shouted the name of Clare, which makes Rachel can not stand.

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