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Paul the German Octopus changing Career “Advertising Endorsers”

German “Bild” reported that, due to “Paul the German Octopus,” who predicted correctly the outcome of eight soccer match in the World Cup, though Paul has been out of the “prophecy” constituency, but it is still very busy, many companies want to find its endorsement. Recently Paul the German Octopus shot an ad film for the German supermarket chain REWE, in advertising, Paul the German Octopus holding the red logo of REWE stores, and donated all of advertising income to a turtle refuge.
In Advertisement there is a question: “Where are your shopping today?” Paul then climb to the red shop logo of REWE, and hold onto it. As Paul the ads pay in kind or cash payment is uncertain at present.
Paul’s agent, David said, there are already more than 160 businesses intend to invite Paul to shoot ads for them, even the bookstore looking for its endorsement, the true funny stories of Paul the German Octopus made it to be a hottest Endorsers. An Italian football club wants to buy octopus Paul to make the forecasting results of the competition for their team, a small town in northern – carballinoSpain granted octopus Paul the title of honorary citizen, and write a song ” We Love You Paul “, extolling its predictions.

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