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Penguin marched 3200 km and come to New Zealand

Penguin marched 3200 km and come to New Zealand

A woman Christine Wilton was walking the dog on the beach in New Zealand, and she found a Penguin from Antarctica rocking nearby. She was greatly surprised, She felt the Antarctic penguins appearing in New Zealand just like extraterrestrial. It is estimated that the young penguins may be lost in the Antarctic, after thousands of miles long journey, drowsily came to New Zealand. Its true funny stories attracted many eyes.

It is first time that Penguin has been appeared in New Zealand in 44 years. The young Emperor penguins can create its race’s drifting history.

Environmentalists believe that the penguins must complete some incredible long journey through many difficulties and dangers, it went to New Zealand from the Antarctic. The young penguins may catch the squid and krill between the Antarctic glaciers, and lost its way, all the way north to New Zealand. This is the reality version of the movie “Happy Feet,” the hero “Bigfoot.”

The penguin was not possible to always swim in the water, it probably standing on the ice for a long time, and finally into the water to swim, and went ashore. Emperor penguins can swim 15 miles per hour, but to New Zealand from the Antarctic, penguins at least spent about a month’s travel.

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