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It rained blue “jelly” in Britain

This is  a really true funny story, It‘s an intriguing phenomenon, look this:

Steve Hornsby lived in Bournemouth, Britain, he told the recent true funny stories on Jan 26 in his backyard, it suddenly odd rained that day, in addition to ordinary hail, mingled with a large number of marble-like blue jelly ball.

Steve went to their own garage at local time 16:10 on the 26th, the sky suddenly darkens, and a storm is coming, he hurried to find the shelter. It really began to hail, but stopped in 20 seconds.


Steve said, he thought it rained ordinary hail, when he looked their own lawn, but found little blue ball like marbles everywhere, disappear when you stepped on them, he spooned them carefully into a jam jar. These strange balls smell no taste, can not float in the water, there is a layer of the shell on the surface, soft inside. Steve said he had never met such strange thing for so many years as an aeronautical engineer.


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