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Romantic love of lizards

Romantic love of lizards
Expressing love with flowers is not only human patents, the animal kingdom is the same. The lizards love may also be very touching. Ukrainian photographer Tymoshenko shot the true funny romantic love story of two lizards. A male lizard climbed to the top of a plant, to attract the attention of a female lizard with a bouquet of flowers. Female lizards climb to accept its gifts, they two form a nearly perfect heart-shaped.

But love has never been smooth sailing, the female lizard suddenly fall from the flowers, the male lizard quickly pulled the girlfriend.
The dramatic scenes were captured by Tymoshenko. Tymoshenko said, he took these pictures in his parents’ garden. When he was a kid, he like to stay in the back garden observeing lizards, if human are friendly. He said he is not an expert, do not know what it means in the end, but it looks really like a male lizard expressing love to female lizards.

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