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The man was struck by lightning for 6 times

Posted on Jul-09-2011 · by   ( true funny stories had published 715 articles)

The man was struck by lightning for 6 times
The funny but true stories is very little probability occurred in the life of same person, but in South Carolina, 58-year-old man Melvin Roberts actually has been struck by lightning for five times over the past few decades. He was even struck by lightning for the sixth time in a storm and miraculously survived again on June! More coincidentally, Melvin got divorced with his wife shortly after every time that he was struck by lightning, so far, he had been divorced for 5 times, Melvin worried about the sixth divorce doom very much after being struck by lightning.

It suddenly began to storm, thunder and lightning on June 27 in Seneca city. Melvin went to the backyard trying to cover up his lawnmower. However, at this moment, a lightning turned down, hit Melvin in the head. Soon the strong current through the Melvin’s body, and then pass from his legs to the ground.

However, Melvin miraculously survived in this deadly lightning! Melvin immediately collapsed on the lawn, unconscious. A few minutes later, a kind neighbor saw Melvin lying on the lawn, immediately called an ambulance, took him to the hospital. The lightning burns the skin of his foot, his legs was starting to make a blister. Fortunately, Melvin has not been seriously hurt in other parts of the body.

Paradoxically, this is not the first time Melvin passed by death. In the past few decades, Melvin actually have been struck by lightning five times, and and survived every time. Melvin said, in the previous five hit by lightning, he was hurted with permanent disability, was forced to resign from a heavy machinery operator’s work. Especially in 2007, his fifth lightning resulted in the most serious harm – cause legs mobility, he even sat in wheelchair for more than one year.

Coincidentally, shortly after Melvin struck by lightning five times, he has been divorced with five former wife for five times. Melvin believes that all of lightning probably related with the number of his divorce. So Melvin worry, he was likely to repeat the divorce doom once again. However, Melvin hopes his sixth marriage did not fail.

Melvin believes that all those lightning hit him for six times, was perhaps his punishment of universe. He said that he would be more carefully when he encountered stormy weather in the future.