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A funny British woman said she hasn’t smiled for 40 years to prevent from growing wrinkles

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British woman Tess Christian is 50 years old, but she has not been smiled for 40 years. Christian said she insisted no smile for 40 years, only because she was afraid of wrinkles!

She thought the “secret recipe” was more natural and effective than the botox. She said she trained herself to control facial muscles, No any wrinkles on her face now. She want to keep youth forever.

Some people disagreed her, they thought Smiling makes people more beautiful.


The 18-year-old Thai girl is 208 cm tall become the world’s highest adolescent

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The 18-year-old Thai girl is 208 cm tall, become the world's highest adolescentMalee Duangdee comes from eastern Thailand, she found herself different from others, because of her height has been growing rapidly. The doctors found a tumor in the brain, the tumor compress a nerve , leading to her hormone levels in an unbalanced state, so she will continue to grow. Now, Malee should cost about £ 2,000 for injections to control growing every 3 months.

In January 2009, Mary was recorded in “Guinness World Records,” she beat Elisany Silva in Brazil and became the world’s tallest adolescent.

the world’s oldest twins 101-year-old twins

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Aina and Lily January were born in central Wales in 1910, their parents are peasants. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded Aina and Lily as “the world’s oldest twins” on October 2010, Two sisters are living in the village of Wales near the Brecon County, their home are about two kilometers away. Every week, they go shopping together, chat on the phone almost every night.
Lily said, the secret of their longevity, “laugh and joke each other.” She said, they do farm work all day, but they have fun. This is a form of communication, a lot of fun. they are very fortunate to have been healthy and physically.
Lily’s daughter said, As twins, their lives are very close and still inseparable now, They go shopping together by taking the bus every Friday, chat and drink tea. They call almost every night, even if they are not hearing well. They often do not know what talking about each other, but they like to chat together.
Two old sisters refused to use many modern household facilities, such as the central heating system. Diana said they fire at home for heating, because they are growing up in this environment.

Argentina brave men can’t bear traffic jams, become Flyers

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Argentina brave men can't bear traffic jams, become Flyers

The funny stories happened in Argentina. 31-year-old man Hernan Pi Tuoke control paragliding flying over the Argentine capital – Buenos Aires city center in order to express the growing dissatisfaction with urban traffic congestion, the police subsequently arrested him for violating air safety regulations.

Valentine’s Day gifts for her – Underwear or Rose?

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Valentine's Day gifts for her - Underwear or Rose?

Underwear or Rose? Maybe every man ask himself the question when buying Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

The economic downturn, more and more men tend to choose more durable underwear in the Valentine’s Day, and not roses easy to fade or expensive champagne.

British department store chain old fashion design director Sharon Weber said, fashional underwear is a cheap way to express love. Recently, the department store price of four pounds 50 pence a underwear sales soared.

Some men are more willing to spend money on underwear, because this can save some money. The price of a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day including the delivery fees may be up to 100 pounds.

Han Musi underwear brand-name department store sales kept the best-selling for two consecutive years in Valentine’s Day. This year, the demand for silk underwear rose again.

Despite the recession, the British retailer is still hope that people put aside the growing number of bills, taxes and public spending cuts concerns, spend money generously for loved one in February 14.

The tide of Neanderthal diet in Europe and the United States

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In modern society, there is a growing emphasis on healthy eating, some people advocate vegetarianism. In Europe and America, some people do the opposite, pursuing a “Paleolithic Diet”, that is, people eat and live a life like a cave man, they think such life is a healthy life. Vlad, now 29 years old, from New York, he is a website administrator, also “Paleolithic Diet” followers. he said: “For me, the raw meat tastes great.”