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Smart parrot can only speak two languages

Smart parrot can  speak two languages

The true funny stories of Parrot Mitu attract many people on the internet. Parrot Mitu lives in Brad Fu of UK, it likes to imitate the sounds, it can speak two languages. When Mitu meets a stranger, it will say “Hello, how are you?” The funny parrot can not only speak English but also said Urdu (the Common language of India and Pakistan), pronunciation is also very standard.

Mitu is an African gray parrot, it has been 2 years old this year. Its owner Ahmed said, Mitu not only speak two languages??, it usually very like to imitate dog bark, it sounds like a dog, it also learn the sound of refrigerator, in short, it likes to imitate all the sounds.

One study shows that African gray parrot IQ is equivalent to a 4-year-old child. Ahmed said Mitu speak Urdu Originally, but his wife’s parents speak English, in order to allow better integration into the family to share with each other, he began to teach Mitu to learn English.


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