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South Africa 8-year-old boy marry 61-year-old woman


Age has not been obstacles to love and marriage. However, 8-year-old boy who married 61-year-old is somewhat of surprise. Tshwane, a most unusual wedding was held in South Africa. 8-year-old little boy Marcy has been married to a 61-year-old woman Helen, who is mother of five children. They exchanged rings in front of 100 guests and kissing. Helen’s children and her husband also arrived at the wedding ceremony.

8-year-old boy is from Tshwane, South Africa, he said his deceased ancestors “ghost” asked him to marry the 61-year-old woman to be wife. The boy’s family promised the marriage for fear of awful retribution.

Marcy said Helen is his choice, he is also very pleased to marry her, but he will marry a young bride when he grow up. The boy’s mother, 46-year-old Parsons said the marriage was his grandfather’s dying wish.


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