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Swiss giant Titan Arum first opened after 75 years

Swiss giant Titan Arum first opened after 75 years
Titan Arum finally open after 75 years in University of Basel, Switzerland, the true funny news attracted gardening enthusiasts all over the world to visit.

On April 22, University of Basel, Switzerland, Titan Arum was first in bloom, which will distribute a pungent odor similar to rotting corpses, so people called it “body flowers.” carrion smell of Titan Arum usually lasts about three days, people who is one kilometer far away will be able to smell, and the smell will attract the carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies to pollinate. The height of Tan Arum’s inflorescence is about 2.44 meters, higher than a person’s height. Allegedly, Titan Arum is native to the rainforests of Sumatra, has the world’s largest unbranched inflorescence, flowering only two to three times during the life, each flowering needs decades, very rare. Titan Arum flowers first and then leaf, when the flowers fade, it will grow a leaf from the bulbs in the ground.

David Attenborough is the world’s first people who recorded Titan Arum flowering process, Titan Arum was named by him, he made the video “the private life of plants” and played in a BBC television program, in the United Kingdom, attracted the world’s attention.

Although the Titan Arum has been able to be clutivated artificially, is no longer a rare plant, only in London, there are 12 Titan Arum in the Royal Botanical Gardens, but because of its low survival rate, even if it was cultivated successfully, it was difficult to flower, so every time flowers always attract people to visit.

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