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Fat woman are all potential beauty – True Funny Stories

Every fat women are all the potential beauty –  True Funny Woman Stories. It’s time again for fat woman to know they are all the potential beauty. The funny pictures of fatty are all photoshopped. Fat beauty in bikini.

China first beauty robot
China first beauty robot

In the humanoid robot research and development, Japan has been a world leader. Just now, True Funny Stories found China’s first beauty robot “Jia Jia” officially come out.    

How beautiful Korea NO1 beauty
How beautiful NO1 beauty in South Korea?

There are many beauty in South Korean, Do you know who’s the No1. in South Korean? Recently, a girl called yurisa is very hot on the web, has been called NO1. stunning beauty in South Korean, True Funny Stories is also curious how beautiful she is?

"The world's most beauty journalist" attract millions of people's pursuit on internet
“The world’s most beautiful journalist” attract millions of people’s pursuit on internet

Recently on the Internet, there is a French female host has become an international popular idol, won millions of men sought after, she was the most widely recognized French women by the world. 28-year-old Melissa Theuriau is the morning news anchor of France Grenoble local cable news channel’s, some fragments of her news reports with […]

British mordern Sleeping Beauty

British girl, Louisa’s relatives and friends call her “Sleeping Beauty”, as she often slept for several days. Louisa is not in magic witch craft in a fairy tale, but suffering from “Kleine Levin Syndrome”, commonly known as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.” Because of sleep, Louisa sometimes can not go to school, but also miss the funny […]