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Dream Wedding: British bride luxury wedding dress ornamented with large number of crystal jewelry weighing 127 pounds – True Funny Stories

This grand dream wedding show 127 pounds of giant wedding dress and a variety of jewelry – True Funny Woman Stories. On Wedding day, British bride Rebekah Markham wearing 127 pounds of giant wedding dress and her fiance Kevin Smith held a grand dream wedding. Rebecca dressed in white, wearing a crown and a variety […]

7ft 8in Brazilian Giants marry his 5ft bride

Brazil tallest giant, 28-years-old Joelison Fernandes Da Silva, his height is 7 feet 8 inches. Recently he will marry he petite bride, her height is only 5 feet. Although the couples’s difference in the height, but this did not stop them write their romantic fairy tale of love.

The smallest mini-wedding car

British mini-wedding car unique wedding, the bride is 15 minutes into the wedding In order to make their unique wedding, a British couple chose only 57 inches long wedding car, the bride had to spend 15 minutes squeezing wedding into the car. It is the a three-wheeled electric vehicles, it is not only a very […]

British men and beautiful women encounter in Las Vegas and got married in 17 hours

British 30-year-old financial adviser Bond arrived Las Vegas at 11:00 p.m. on the April 15. 1 hour later, he met his future wife – 23-year-old local television anchor Gabrielsen in the hotel bar, and falling in love. This Day, that is, 17 hours after the first met, the happy lovers were married in a smallchurch in […]