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British guy can not remove the hat stuck on his head in 12 hours
British guy can not remove the hat stuck on his head

When Halloween comes, people will not wait to put colorful fancy dress, wearing strange masks, throw carnival party together. But for Sean Mortagh, who came from Bradford in northern England, his Carnival was too far: to be different, he used glue to stick a small hat on the head , unfortunately, after the holidays, he […]

Thousands of British students crowded into Spanish town for carnival

A tourism activities called “I Love Tourism” attracted more than 5,000 British students to the Spanish town Salou. British students has always been the tradition that going abroad for carnival after the exam. British students in exotic dress were found everywhere in the town, and their rude behavior aroused strong resentment of local residents. Residents […]

A seven-year-old girl is expected to lead Dance in Carnival in Brazil

In Brazil, A court ruled that 7-year-old girl Ruliiyalila can become the “lead dancer queen” in the carnival,  Child protection organizations said that the “lead dancer queen” should be women dressed less, so that a 7-year-old girl should not become lead dancer queen, which will do harm to a child’s physical and mental health adversely.

The Brazil Carnival

Carnival is Brazil’s largest festival, which was undoubtedly the most famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. With this grand festival is approaching, people’s emotions become increasingly high, the carnival various preparatory activities are ongoing in full swing. A worker was  preparaing the floats for the samba schools.