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The funny double face cat living 12 years recorded in Guinness Book
The funny double face cat living 12 years recorded in Guinness Book

A cat called Frankenlouie has two faces in Massachusetts, in the United States. Frankenlouie has two mouths, two noses and three eyes. It is said, Frankenlouie Sonic gene (SHH) are different, suffer from double-face malformations, so Frankenlouie was born with two faces. Its owner is a nurse, she said the true funny stories of Frankenlouie […]

the lucky cat survived being washing for one hour in the washing machine
The lucky cats survived being washed for 1 hour in the washing machine

Many cat is curious heavily, with playful personality. There is a saying: “Curiosity killed the cat.” But the true funny stories told us what is exceptional. The kitten is called princess, it lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, Princess recently climbed into a washing machine to explore, but the owner Susan Gordonand didn’t know, she shut the […]

Russian cat hide in bottle
Russian cat hidden in bottle

Russian cat Ksyusha has a restless nature, it like to scrunch up small, hid into a small container. Ksyusha’s owner Yuriy Korotun said, Ksyusha can be easily going in and out from the jar, because thick hair, its body is not as big as it looks. It is a very personal cat, like to hide […]

Funny Cat Valentine’s day

You can hear the following funny dialogue from the video: “a girl doesn’t dye her hair that color unless she has phsycological problems” “my hair color has nothing to do with my phsycological problems!” lolz thats one of my favorite parts Cats like, ” I forgot to ask you about the homework- Sikowitz throws the […]

Italian fat cats popular on the Internet recently

A 5-year-old shorthair cat become famous on the internet. because its owner uploaded its photos on the Internet, which attracted the attention of fans around the world. The cat named “lucky,”  weighing 12 pounds, but no one thought she was too fat, but like it. 28-year-old owner live in Florence, Italy, she has photographed hundreds […]

sincere love of more than 3200 km
sincere love of more than 3200 km

A cat spent two years, starting from Uzbekistan alone, more than 3200 km trek to find the owner moved to a Russian. Hay, 52 years old, he move from Uzbekistan two years ago when he gave beloved pet cat Karim to a neighbor to take care of. But soon they learned that Karim had been […]

A miracle – U.S. cat inserted into a spike on the head is still survival

A tenacious vitality of kittens attracted attention in Sioux City, Iowa, and its head is deeply inserted into a long nail, but miraculously survived. Doctor pulled out nails and found that nail is 3 inches long.