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“mock” wonders – “3 suns” appeared in the sky

Do you believe the true funny stories? but it is really true. People suddenly found there appeared “three sun” in the sky, and surrounded by a rainbow around in Jilin City, China. Allegedly, this bizarre scene is called “mock sun”, is a special form of corona. It was heavy snow in the morning on January […]

China’s Shenzhen Bay appear rare waterspout

On July 27 morning, china Shenzhen Bay sea appeared rare waterspout, The true funny natural phenomenon lasted about 17 minutes. Waterspouts occur in summer, when the sea or lake in some areas a relatively strong convective activity, and to be formed. Around 8:30 am, in Shenzhen, south-west lightning Showers disease down, this time the weather […]

China appear frequently UFO incident within 1 month

In the past month, in China’s Xinjiang, Hunan, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places some people have witnessed the UFO appeared in the air, the true funny stories attracted the media attention and continued to release message. There are at least 8 UFO events by the media attention this month, which is much higher than other […]