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Gold flower craft hairpin

Gold flower craft hairpin is favorite of young women who like wear Chinese silk robe.

Gorgeous Chinese frog: ornamental braiding button for the cheongsam

Chinese frog also can be made so creative, gorgeous frog contrast with sober cheongsam, the craftsmen do very loving Chinese traditional handicraft.

Kesi round fan in Suzhou

Kesi round fan,  now the Chinese traditional craft can be made by few old craftsmen in Suzhou, China. but it is also a process of gradually be lost. Low salary results in such a lot of the old craft has no heritage.          

A man from Chengdu China travel 28 country by bike

Lui Li, 33 years old, Chinese man, he took Malaysia flight to Chengdu, ending a year and 4 months of riding on June 19. He said that he need returning home to rest for a while, get a job and earn money, next time he still want to go to Norway. A bicycle, a camera, […]