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British woman lose weight half of her weight successfully – True Funny Stories

The woman lose weight from 152 pounds to 76 pounds successfully – True Funny Woman Stories. The  British woman weighted 152 pounds lived in Hertfordshire, Britain in the past. Because of fat body, she had to buy two seats by plane, so she determined to lose weight. Relying on low-calorie healthy diet, fitness and sports, […]

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Fat woman are all potential beauty – True Funny Stories

Every fat women are all the potential beauty –  True Funny Woman Stories. It’s time again for fat woman to know they are all the potential beauty. The funny pictures of fatty are all photoshopped. Fat beauty in bikini.

182 kg of U.S. sumo champion run a marathon
182 kg of U.S. sumo champion run a marathon

Recently, a former sumo champion broke the Guinness World Record for the marathon, become the most heavy player who completed Marathon so far . The true funny stories inspired many “fats.” Aged 40, weight 182 kg of Kelly Gneiting called himself “fat.” In the Los Angeles Marathon on March 20, he spent 9 hours 48 […]