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The German man was chased by a small squirrel and panicked to call the police

img: A German man panicked to call the police in Karlsruhe, he told his true funny stories to the police, that is a young red squirrel was crazy chasing him, no way to lose it, he feel frightened very much. Police arrived at the scene to investigate, they found that the little squirrel chasing […]

The German uncle made nearly a ton of super large bicycle - true funny stories
The German uncle made nearly a ton of super large bicycle

A German man hand to create a super big bike, weighing 940 kg. However, if he want to apply for a world record, he has to do one more thing, he must prove that this bicycle really can ride – true funny stories. The German uncle Frank used abandoned metal and muck car wheels to […]

166 German cartoon mascot parade break guinness world records

A grand parade of international cartoon mascot wad held on October 10 in Southern German city, Karlsruhe. The Day, 166 funny animated image of Doll appeared. Organizers intended to apply for the Guinness Book of World Records. The similar cartoon mascots ever was run in China Taiwan, when a total of 128 participated in the […]